Twitter Beef? Soulja Boy & Chris Brown Take Shots at each Other on Twitter


The last time we heard from Chris Brown was when he begged his remaining fans to help him resuscitate his failed career by calling into the radio stations to get them to play his records.

When that failed, he created another Twitter page (after deleting his first page) and begged his fans to follow him again. Chris Brown is so deep in denial that when his fans didn’t rush to follow him en masse on Twitter, he promised to go live on Ustream if they would just help him get to 100,000 followers (which they dutifully did, but only because they pitied him).

With all that begging and pleading going on, you had to figure that Chris Brown’s peers/competition were waiting in the wings to throw rocks at him. Rapper Souljaboy Tellem took the first pitch tweeting this nonsense about Bow Wow and CB’s followers not equaling his 2 million plus followers.

Very funny right?

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Beef? Soulja Boy & Chris Brown Take Shots at each Other on Twitter

  1. y u calling him a fool doe??
    & btw, they all tweeted that it was a joke!
    Even bow wow tweeted that too! So let's not be taking things too serious and out of context!

  2. I've been a follower of soulja boy even while he was canvassing for followers to get to 100,000th!
    He's always been into dissing.. he loves it,thrives on it.. sometimes i don't, but then I think, WTH!,, Let them to their thing..

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