Sarah Ofili is rapidly gaining the reputation of being an attention seeker.Here are pictures of the light skinned beauty and former girlfriend of rapper,Ikechukwu in Spain baring her upper body for all to see.

I know you are used to me writing about all the glitzy glam girlie stuff, but what you probably will never guess is that I actually love writing and inspiring people about life in general.Before I got into the beauty […]


Don’t you just hate starting new things ? I mean, It does not give you that extra motivation, like starting a new job on saturday, I mean its already weekend why cant I start on monday, all new and beginning […]


To begin any diet or fitness regime, I think its always best to first get rid of all our bad habits, which includes what is already in our body. Thats were DETOX comes in. WHAT IS DETOXING? According to, […]