Ruggedman clears the rumour of an affair with 9ice’s ex wife


This information was sent by ruggedman to clear the rumour of him having an affair with 9ice’s ex  wife(Toni payne).Please read.

“It started as a rumour that 9ice caught his wife Toni Payne giving Ruggedman a blow job.I wondered where such a terrible rumour emanated from only to find out it was from 9ices song titled ”once bitten twice shy”.In the song done by my own friend,he sang that he saw his ”girl” (Not his wife Toni Payne) giving his ”friend”(Not Ruggedman) a blow job.Since 9ice himself did not mention anybodys name in the said song I thought nothing of the evil,wicked rumour,but it spread wider and i heard a lot of people started assuming a lot and i have been called so many things by people over something i did not do.

Even some shameless soft sells unproffessionally published the rumour based on heresay, without talking to the partys involved,but i dont blame them.Some will publish anything just to sell.

I expected 9ice as a friend to come out and clear it up by announcing to people that it was not me he sang about in his song but till date he has not done so to reasons best known to him i guess.I called 9ice to talk about it and clear it up and he said so many things including that he will not come out and clear my name that has been dragged into a maliscous rumour.

I did not want to believe that 9ice has refused to clear it up because it is helping his album sales like some people have said.I did not want to believe it but I am happy i recorded the conversation and I want you all to hear for urselves what he said to me so that this rumour can stop once and for all.


Pls after this,if anybody dares to mention my name in such a thing again its only God that will deal with such a person. ” Ruggedman

Listen to Ruggedman’s conversation with 9ice on phone


9 thoughts on “Ruggedman clears the rumour of an affair with 9ice’s ex wife

  1. But Ruggedman brought the best out of 9ice in his track opomulero,whats happening between them now,they should sort it out

  2. 9ice seriously has to come to clear this issue as meself believe at one point even though i have never heard the song.

  3. they didnt break up at the time he was making the album and she was fully involved in it(as i heard) so how can he possibly be referring to her? i think this is all unnnecessary drama.

    he shd clear the air and leave the poor woman alone, it cant be easy on her

  4. This is just unnecessary bickering, can't anyone sing and form fictitious individuals?
    Did he call them by their names?
    Abeg, everyone should face their jare!
    Abi conscience dey prick Ruggeddy ni?
    Plz, everyone shud get hold of their lives and move, chikena.

  5. 9ice i respect you more than all this commotion you are causing ruggedman.just come out for once and clear the air,ruggedman's name is been drag to the mud and remember he was like a teacher to you then bcos he boomed before an artiste also but let's be emotional sometimes in dealig with issues.

  6. Nice does not have to come out to clear the air,It does not make sense to me,Cause basically there is nothing to clear except guilt conscience is pricking some people.All these noise is just making the album sell more and his bank account is getting fatter.The phone conversation is enough for the public abeg…..make una leave nice alone oooo…ABEG

  7. I want 9ice to realized that without Ruggedy baba, he has no future cos rugged made him what he is claiming to be today with the help God. That studio rat wont come out and clear the public rather than making his bank account grow fat. Fuck 9ice and his fans with that little basterd called seriki with his bony face.

  8. 9ice is ingrate.he knew his wife wasn't good for him and he got married to her just to rise.9ice is a gold-digger.he got married just to make moni from the poor girl.what a shameless man and he know that.

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