NBC Bans Maye Hunta’s hit song “Ekaette”


The hit song ‘Ekaette’ by Maye Hunta is no longer to be played on Nigerian radio stations and TV Channels, from today April 1 according to a memo from Nigeria’s National Broadcasting commission (NBC) obtained yesterday.

According to the memo titled ‘Caution for Broadcast of music with Vulgar lyrics – Ekaette by Maye Hunta’ (pictured above) and sent early this week, ‘the music ‘Ekaette’ by Maye is replete with graphic description of sexual scenes and expression not presented with fact and discretion’.

‘Stations are therefore requested to immediately stop further broadcast of this musical and air only a broadcast version (if any)…’

The document was signed by Mrs Ojone Otonoku, for the Commision’s Zonal Director
In case u ve not seen the video,check it out


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2 thoughts on “NBC Bans Maye Hunta’s hit song “Ekaette”

  1. ekaette video either banned or unbanned doesnt rili change much,a hit song it is and thats all !!!
    the ban placed on it just made the song even gain more popularity
    thanks to you NBC !job weldone !!! you made my favourite song this year very popular.

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