At the late hours of yesterday, kennis music manager Ndidi Godwin made an unofficial phone call to kelly rendering all sorts of abuse on him, quote “….this is the beginning of your downfall and you will see.Go ask the other artists we have dealt with who have not been able to survive it up till now.God punish you!” Are these not the same people who have refused to come to a round table with kelly’s advocate on this issue? Are these not also the same people who have refused to answer kelly’s relentless peace calls for the past 12 months instead told his lawyer in a phone conversation that they are no longer ready to play and further proved this by publishing the news,”Kennis music drops Kelly Hansome?” When last did you see kelly Hansome’s videos played on primetime or kennis music channel if the null and void contract is still running?Are they not still selling the products in Alaba? Kelly’s offence is calling a lawyer into the matter so we ask, is it now wrong to call a lawyer into a matter since series of meetings and discussions have not yielded any practical positive results? Kelly will go ahead and drop his album on a soon to be released date under his own record label and any obstructions by kennis music will eventually lead this matter to court and i quote kelly’s lawyer, “we are not afraid of going to court”….Album release date and other details coming soon.SAY NO TO FRAUD, LET’S RE BRAND NIGERIA!!

Source;Kelly hansome

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  1. Kennis music are just cutthroats.Its surprising people still use them..I hope kelly sorts himself out.Nice post.Great work Muyiwa.

  2. kenny and D1 are just rip-offs,they should better let the young man grow. At their age they are busy behaving like kids, men you guys better grow up. Kelly hansome is good, u can not stop him.

  3. I really think you guys need to confirm from kennis music b4 u label them frauds..theres probably a lot more to this story than you realize;hidden details that may have caused the rift btw kelly handsome and them.

  4. Kennis, NO DOUBT we in diaspora are very proud of Labels like you guys,,,but comon on , its getting too much with the complaints we receive on your relationships with artists..

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