Honeymoon in Scotland was a mistake – Okposo

SAMMIE’S wife, Ozioma Okposo, has opened up on their ordeal in the hands of owner and officials of a restaurant in Scotland, Aberdeen, describing it as a slap on the honeymooners and that she was very sad about the incidence.

“We could have gone anywhere for our honeymoon, but chose to visit Aberdeen because of the good things we heard about the country. We have been emotional, mentally, financially, and physically drained on this trip, which brings us to one conclusion, that going to Aberdeen was the biggest mistake we made”, she expressed.

Contrary to Evening Express’ story, a Scottish evening paper, on the arrest of Sammie Okposo during his honeymoon in Aberdeen, Okposo’s PR company,MM&E, relying on eye witnesses accounts, claimed that Sammie and Ozioma, in the company of Mr and Mrs Efemua, had gone to Jimmy Chung restaurant on Beach Esplanade to eat, but were badly treated by the attendant. They arrived at the restaurant around 4.30pm in the evening, not aware that lunch time at the restaurant closes by 5pm.

A lady attendant later informed them that they had to eat in haste so they could leave the restaurant before 5, or  they would be charged for both the lunch and dinner. At this point, Sammie was already dishing the food, while the others were sorting out seats.
The statement resulted into a mild argument as they asked the attendant why she didn’t inform them when they arrived. The argument attracted the manager’s attention, while another lady held Sammie’s shirt and ordered him to stop dishing the food, an act that many described as barbaric.
At this point, the manager  was already harassing Sammie’s wife.
When Sammie turned back and saw the manager rasing his hands at his wife and the pregnant lady, he went after the manager and warned him to stop harassing his wife and Mrs Efemua. When the manager wouldn’t stop, shocked Sammie told the manager that he shouldn’t raise his fingers on his wife again, advising him to return to his country if he was tired of running a restaurant. Sammie’s advice hit a wrong chord as the manager wrote down Sammie’s friend car plate number and called the police to report a racial statement made against him.
Ozioma, however, said the incident would not stop her from visiting the city again as she has friends there. ‘’It was a painful thing to have happened, but life goes on.”
Source; Tribune


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