Exclusive interview with Mcwizu Bhaira

We  recently ran into Mcwizu Bhaira ,the talented actress and winner of Amstel malta Box office (AMBO 1) and had an interview with her ,enjoy the interview

Celebregion;Hello bhaira


Celebregion; Can we know about your educational background?

 Bhaira; Got a B.Sc philosophy,Certificates in french,spanish and acting.

Celebregion;How did you get into acting?

Bhaira; By conscious effort,i attended quite amount of auditions ,did stage play as well.In 2007,after a course  at the Muson school of music ,i decided to go fulltime into acting

Celebregion;how did you feel when you were announced the winner of AMBO?

Bhaira; ECSTATIC, it was almost surreal,i finally broke,it didn’t matter anymore because of all the challenges  i faced .It was finally time ,i am eternally grateful to Nigerian Breweries,parent company of AMSTELMALTA

Celebregion;How many movies have you featured in?

Bhaira; Close to fifteen movies.Wonderful and unique in their different ways.

Celebregion; What are you curently working on?

Bhaira; Giving mentorship programmes to our youth and making more movies. 

Celebregion; Your worst moment as an actress?

Bhaira; None really,it can get quite hectic travelling to different parts of the world on the basis of my job and meeting fans but ,but het don’t get into the kitchen of you are afraid of getting burnt.

Celebregion;Your most joyful moment as an actress?

Bhaira; .when i come across people that tell me they are inspired about what i do and how their lives have been transformed for the better….the joy i feel can’t be measured!

Celebregion; What else do you do when you are not on set?

Bhaira; Spend quality time with my loved ones,reading and sleeping.

Celebregion;Message to your fans?

Bhaira; Be all that your heart tells you to be and i promise,you’ll be the best ! Ofcourse,making tons of cheddah as well..A big thank you to all my fans worldwide,your support is awesome,i’m happy because of you guys…..
dream big!!! i love you!


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